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Teach It Online Now: A New, On-Demand Course

What’s so different about teaching online? Well, just about everything. From keeping students focused and engaged, to creating important connections and relationships, and adapting formative assessment practices—nearly everything about online teaching is different. And in many ways, teaching online is harder than what most educators have done their entire careers.
Created for educators by educators (and other instructional experts), Teach It Online Now (TION) is a new, on-demand course designed to help educators develop the tools, techniques, and skills to more effectively engage, inspire, and teach online. The course includes 16 self-paced modules and there’s an opportunity to earn credit.
To preview the course, visit the website here and click on the “free preview” link at the top. 
OFT Member Discounted Rate: $50/per user.  Register for TION here. You will then receive the information needed to access the modules.

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