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Ohioans Protect Majority Rule

August 8, 2023


Contact: Neil Bhaerman,

Ohioans Protect Majority Rule

COLUMBUS, OH — Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper released the following statement in response to the resounding defeat of Issue 1: 

“Ohio voters from across the political spectrum sent a loud and clear message today that we believe in majority rule, we believe in ‘one person one vote,’ and we believe that these shared values are more important than what political party you’re in, what you look like, or where you live.

We also know that the issues that matter to Ohioans – like worker’s rights, affordable healthcare, and quality public education – are too important to leave to the gerrymandered legislature in the statehouse. When you have a legislative majority that is more interested in fighting divisive culture wars than in solving the problems Ohio families face, it’s essential for voters to protect every tool we have that allows us to contribute our voices and ideas toward building a better Ohio.”

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