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Tell the Upper Arlington Public Library Board to Recognize Our Union

Upper Arlington Public Library United Staff (UAPLUS) logo

A message from the Upper Arlington Public Library United Staff Organizing Committee: 

Upper Arlington Public Library workers are coming together to form our union because we deserve a voice in the policies that affect us. A union voice will give us the collective strength to to ensure that UAPL jobs are quality, family-sustaining jobs and to collaboratively build a stronger library system.

Our library's core value — "that the highly trained staff at the UAPL offer personalized guidance through abundant resources that provide access to lifelong learning and discovery opportunities" — is a reminder that library workers are essential to the successful operation of our libraries. We deserve a seat at the table.

Please join us in calling on our Board to recognize our union based on the overwhelming majority support we have already presented and to not use library funding to hire anti-union consultants or engage in anti-union activity.

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