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SB 83 is bad for students, bad for faculty, and bad for Ohio

Senate Bill 83 is a far-reaching rollback of labor rights and academic freedom, which will insert legislative interference into college curriculum, restrict diversity and equity training, make campuses safe for hate speech, and limit which public employees have the right to strike.

SB 83 is bad for higher education. It restricts instruction in diversity, equity, and inclusion in public and private colleges and universities; prohibits public colleges and universities from speaking out on important issues and forces them to turn campuses into safe spaces for hate speech; and prohibits faculty and staff at public colleges and universities from striking, taking away a powerful tool to advocate for themselves and their students.

SB 83 is bad for Ohio. Onerous administrative mandates in this bill will ensure that more of Ohio’s higher education funding goes to bureaucratic compliance and less goes to academic programs. The legislative micromanagement of academic programs will also make it harder for Ohio’s public universities to compete with those in neighboring states.

Email your representative today and tell them to reject SB 83.

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